3 ways busy people can eat more veggies!

3 ways busy people can eat more veggies!

If I have the choice to start my meal with a salad or the main dish, I will go for the main dish every single time. A salad has no chance in a popularity contest with a dish such as warm, homemade Lasagna or your favorite meal.  The nutrients available in salads are vital for your health, if you are tempted to choose something else, don’t give yourself the choice.

When eating at hotels with my team in France, I usually don’t have that choice.  The salad comes out first and nothing else is presented until 10-15 minutes later when “salad time” ends.  You end up eating something with greens, carrots, and beets at this time whether you like it or not.  It seems everyone is willing to eat some vegetables when it is the first part of lunch or dinner.  How often do you start meals in the home with vegetables or salad?

A good way to get the ball rolling when trying to be healthier is to add good, healthy food to your current lifestyle.  Like the salad before the meals in France, you can add a healthy habit to a current routine.  We don’t need to go to extremes and eat just salads as meals when embracing healthy eating. That isn’t enjoyable or realistic. Eat tasty meals, just do so after you have your salad.  You can start making positive changes by adding these 3 easy habits to your day.  These are simple, easy ways to get to 5 servings of fruit and vegetables every day.

#1 Green smoothie 

Eat your favorite breakfast, but start with a green smoothie with lots of greens.  An early green smoothie provides several servings of fruits and vegetables and is a nutritional boost of energy and vitality for your day.

#2 Salad before every meal eaten in the home

It can be hard to get fresh vegetables when eating out.  Some of us eat out once or twice a day, but we should be able to get one meal inside the home.  A salad with greens and fresh vegetables before your meals is another way to provide your body with important vitamins and micronutrients

#3 A piece of fruit as dessert or before dessert

Many of us love sweets.  I definitely do.  If you give someone the option of a fresh cup of fruit and a nice, warm brownie sundae, we know which one will be more tempting.  Fruit satisfies sweet cravings while also providing vitamins and fiber.  Eat fruit before your dessert and you will probably eat much less dessert!

As you can see, healthier doesn’t always mean a loss of freedom or pleasure.  There are ways you can eat the foods you like while easily adding more fruits and vegetables either before or after.

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Written by Charles Abouo

Charles Abouo is a professional basketball player in France and is a former BYU student-athlete. He is a certified personal trainer, and developed a passion for health and wellness while majoring in exercise and wellness at BYU. The 2012 BYU graduate played basketball at BYU from 2008-12. He currently plays for ASC Denain Voltaire in France. His hobbies include traveling, reading, writing, anything food, learning new cultures, and spending time with his friends and family.