5 Things That Help Me Cope with Depression and Anxiety

1. Remember good feelings. 

 Even if they are few and far between, there will be moments when you feel happy, 

confident and comfortable. Hold on to those moments. When you’re depressed or scared, 

the memory can help bring back the good feelings. The more you recognize the good times, 

the more often they’ll happen. 

2. Spend time outside and with people you love. 

 I don’t wanna hear “but I don’t like the outdoors.” I’m not saying go hike Mount Everest, 

but a little bit of sunshine and 20 minutes on a swing have a way of lifting spirits like nothing else. Add a couple of people you love, and happiness is inevitable. Now, if you feel 

like there’s no one who wants to be with you (a feeling I find difficulty escaping), remember 

that sometimes you just need to ask. 

3. Have an accountability partner. 

Even if it’s hard to believe sometimes, there will always be someone who loves you and 

wants to help you. I know it can be hard to reach out and find that person. It took me a few 

years, but I finally was able to talk to my mom about it and now I know I can talk to her 

when I’m having a depressive episode or panic attack. Knowing someone is there helps me 

get through it. Reach out; I promise it will help. 

4. Do things that fulfill you. 

Sometimes, in hard moments, we turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms, like scrolling 

through social media, staying in bed, or wallowing in negative thoughts. That’s only going 

to make everything worse. I like music, hiking, and archery. So, when I’m struggling, I 

spend time on one of those. Doing fulfilling things will give you the strength you need, 

while giving you a break from the stress. 

5. Spend more time on other people. 

Nothing feeds depression and anxiety like being focused on yourself. Try to do at least one 

thing each day for someone else; even just a smile. The more you try to smile, the more 

real your smile becomes. 



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Written by Patty Morford

Patty is the oldest daughter in a homeschooling family of nine children who live on a little farm in south Utah County where she grew up milking goats, raising chickens and dog sled teams. She loves to sing, play the piano, and write poetry and articles that inspire others and help them realize they are not alone in the journey of life as a youth in these challenging days.