Are You a Tired Landlord?

It takes a lot of hard work to own and operate a rental property. Bad experiences with a terrible tenant, maintenance emergencies in the middle of the night, and enormous liability are just some of the issues investors face as they become landlords. Often landlords reach a point where they want out. In most cases, they end up selling the property which is very unfortunate because they forfeit years of potential income, property appreciation, and tax benefits. If you are tired of being a landlord, don’t sell your property. Consider hiring a property manager instead. When you acquired the property, you probably thought of yourself as a real estate investor but, before you knew it, in dealing with the realities of rental property ownership you became a landlord. There is a big difference between being a real estate investor and a landlord. For example, real estate investors focus on high pay-out activities like studying the housing market and trends, learning profitable strategies, and finding their next deal. Landlords spend their time with filling vacancies, fixing leaky faucets, and solving tenant issues which can be time-consuming, emotionally exhausting, and discouraging. Landlords who are struggling with one or two properties are not likely to add more properties to their portfolio when they spend so much time and energy being a landlord. START being a real estate investor and STOP being a landlord. Owning rental properties can be profitable. Partnering with a great property management firm is key. Some owners feel they can’t afford a property manager but serious investors say you can’t afford to not have professional management.

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Written by Jared Schauers

Associate Broker / Owner Home Basics Real Estate and Property Management 801-830-1500 To understand more about the role of a property manager and what to look for when selecting a property manager, feel free to contact Jared.