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Holiday Shopping Guide

This holiday season as you are looking for that perfect gift, think local! The Utah Valley Area is overflowing with small businesses that contribute g...

Lessons Learned from a Utah Running Legend

We were training for another race – a 50-mile Ultra Marathon. I, Triston, was slated as a pacer for only 17 miles of the 50, but Tavin was sig...

More2Life: The Kalani Sitake Foundation

 The whole purpose of our mortal life is to help encourage others and to serve We all know who BYU Head Coach Kalani Sitake is – the bruisin...

Just Breathe! Reduce Anxiety With This Simple Exercise

It might seize you in the middle of the night, or perhaps at the beginning of a work meeting, or maybe while driving your kids to soccer practice. Whe...

Turning Holiday Stress Into Holiday Joy

It was getting dangerously close to Christmas. I had all but finished my shopping for the season when I realized that I had one more gift to buy. I kn...

Communication Problems?

When I ask couples what I can help them with, the most common response is “communication problems.” In my mind, this term has become a catch-all e...

Emotions 101: The Basics

Most of us try to avoid uncomfortable emotions. Who likes to feel sad, depressed, lonely, hurt, scared or betrayed? Don’t we try to NOT feel this wa...

Seven Principles for a Healthy Marriage

In movie theaters, we love the thrill of sitting on the edge of our seats watching as a suffering character gets the antidote to their trouble in the ...

Six Signs Your Marriage Could Be In Trouble

When Julie and Chris (not their real names) entered my office, they were not looking at each other. I could tell they had been in a fight recently, an...

Resolutions: Tricks of the Trade

Be a better person. Be happier! Don’t get mad at the kids. Make more money! These are all good ideas for New Year’s resolutions, but flawed in the...