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The Key to Good Health

The concept of eating clean, building muscle and having nice curves is the lucrative definition and image of health.  Even if we try to resist...

Athletes corner:  How to keep an aging body young!

I’m learning that my body isn’t quite the same as it used to be.  As I get older my knees and ankles crack in the morning. A couple years...

3 ways busy people can eat more veggies!

3 ways busy people can eat more veggies! If I have the choice to start my meal with a salad or the main dish, I will go for the main dish every single...

The Real PB&J

Most of us participate in some form of physical activity. We may be avid runners, into extreme sports, outdoor sports, traditional sports, or weightli...

Join the Health Food Revolution!

Around 70% of the deaths in our nation are from chronic diseases, many of which can be affected by the food we eat. Over 80% of our healthcare costs ...

Skip the Diet!

Have you ever felt that we have basically two options — eat food we enjoy or follow a popular diet that will help us achieve good health. It re...

Five Domains of Wellness

We all want a healthy lifestyle—one that helps us feel and look great. It is something we can all benefit from, and around this time of year, is a f...