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5 tips to overcome perfectionism 

A few months ago, I gave birth to my first baby, a precious little girl named Joan. As a new mother, I’ve been trying to learn all I can about how...

When your teen opens up

“I wish I could take it back and do it over!” parents say about the moment their teens told them they were gay, lesbian, transgender, or that the...

Calling Time-out on Fighting

On the list of unpleasant things, getting in a fight with your partner is right up there with root canals. There are few things as stressful, and ther...

How To Talk With Your Children About Therapy

Unfortunately, in today’s society there is a negative stigma attached to therapy. I have heard many people say that therapy is just for weak or b...

No, No, NO! to Go, Go, GO!: The Transition to Sexual Intimacy

Many years ago, a student of mine wrote in her paper that upon asking her mom one week before she got married to give her some advice about sex, her m...

Myths About Parental Alienation

Whenever the topic of parental alienation arises, frequently others in the conversation respond that they themselves have gone through it, or they kno...

ABPA: A New Paradigm for Parental Alienation

Many years have been wasted by the distracting controversy surrounding parental alienation. Although there is a large body of research validating its ...

The Biology Behind Human Relationships

Relationship advice usually focuses on conscious actions: Don’t go to bed angry. Develop good communication skills. Go on a weekly date. These are a...

Physical Affection: Good for Your Health and Your Marriage

When it comes to the topic of physical affection (PA), sex tends to take the spotlight, while non-sexual PA tends to get overlooked. While sex is defi...

Play Therapy, The Parent’s Role

Many parents are unsure of what their role is in regards to helping their child once their child is in therapy; however, I have found that having pare...