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Roads to Ruin, Bridges to Recovery

Lisa started drinking when she was 16, just casually with her friends. After her parents’ messy divorce, she started to overdo it. Later, in college...

Play Therapy: What is it, and How Will it Help My Child?

When adults come to therapy, they can adequately express themselves using their words and having discussions with their therapist; however, when child...

Secrets to Being a Happy Mom

I have a love/hate relationship with blogs, Instagram and Facebook. They’re great because they keep me connected with people I care about, but not s...

Strength in Weakness: Connecting as a Couple When Life is Hard

The “Perfect” Couple A couple I once worked with in therapy some time ago—let’s call them Kevin and Gloria—seemed to have a lot going for th...

Communication Problems?

When I ask couples what I can help them with, the most common response is “communication problems.” In my mind, this term has become a catch-all e...

Our Brains, Our Bodies, and Our Relationships

Relationships are everywhere. We have relationships in our individual lives, in our corporate lives, and in our virtual lives. We are wired for connec...

Emotions 101: The Basics

Most of us try to avoid uncomfortable emotions. Who likes to feel sad, depressed, lonely, hurt, scared or betrayed? Don’t we try to NOT feel this wa...

Raising Confident Kids

In post-war England, most children’s hospitals had a visitor’s policy that may shock you: children in long-term treatment for serious conditions w...

What You’re Fighting About Is NOT What You’re Fighting About

“Could you make sure to clean the kitchen today?” My wife asked, eyebrows raised. I hesitated trying to think of something to say. I felt my chest...

What is Reunification Therapy?

Reunification therapy is court-ordered therapy with the purpose of reuniting parents and children and repairing a damaged parent-child relationship....