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Raising Confident Kids

In post-war England, most children’s hospitals had a visitor’s policy that may shock you: children in long-term treatment for serious conditions w...

What You’re Fighting About Is NOT What You’re Fighting About

“Could you make sure to clean the kitchen today?” My wife asked, eyebrows raised. I hesitated trying to think of something to say. I felt my chest...

What is Reunification Therapy?

Reunification therapy is court-ordered therapy with the purpose of reuniting parents and children and repairing a damaged parent-child relationship....

Unplug Your Kids & Recharge Them with Nature

We all remember what it was like to play outdoors as children. We were free to get messy, run around to our hearts content, and use our wildest imagin...

Pornography Addiction: 4 Steps to Healing

Pornography addiction and compulsive pornography use are becoming more and more prevalent with the rise of the anonymity, accessibility, and affordabi...

Seven Principles for a Healthy Marriage

In movie theaters, we love the thrill of sitting on the edge of our seats watching as a suffering character gets the antidote to their trouble in the ...

Spirituality and Therapy: Five Benefits of Spiritually Integrated Therapy

The two preceding articles in this three-part series recognized the resurgence of spirituality in therapy, identified a need for psychotherapists trai...

Six Signs Your Marriage Could Be In Trouble

When Julie and Chris (not their real names) entered my office, they were not looking at each other. I could tell they had been in a fight recently, an...

Spirituality and Therapy: The Three Domains of Spiritual Health

Whether you consider yourself agnostic, Buddhist, Hindu, Latter-Day Saint, atheist, Evangelical Christian, Catholic, or, as journalist A.J. Jacobs hum...

5 Sneaky Effects of Pornography

Though there is still some debate among researchers about the effects of pornography use on individuals, research has consistently shown that regularl...