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Seven Principles for a Healthy Marriage

In movie theaters, we love the thrill of sitting on the edge of our seats watching as a suffering character gets the antidote to their trouble in the ...

Spirituality and Therapy: Five Benefits of Spiritually Integrated Therapy

The two preceding articles in this three-part series recognized the resurgence of spirituality in therapy, identified a need for psychotherapists trai...

Spirituality and Therapy: The Three Domains of Spiritual Health

Whether you consider yourself agnostic, Buddhist, Hindu, Latter-Day Saint, atheist, Evangelical Christian, Catholic, or, as journalist A.J. Jacobs hum...

Six Signs Your Marriage Could Be In Trouble

When Julie and Chris (not their real names) entered my office, they were not looking at each other. I could tell they had been in a fight recently, an...

5 Sneaky Effects of Pornography

Though there is still some debate among researchers about the effects of pornography use on individuals, research has consistently shown that regularl...

Resolutions: Tricks of the Trade

Be a better person. Be happier! Don’t get mad at the kids. Make more money! These are all good ideas for New Year’s resolutions, but flawed in the...

Smart Parenting: Your Children are Watching

As we hit full swing in the post-holiday season, young children and adolescents are finishing their first term of school. Some are full of hope, while...

Spirituality and Therapy: Bridging the Gap

In generations past, issues of faith and spirituality were often deferred to clergy and chaplains.  It could easily be argued that psychology, as a d...

Seasons of Life

It is great to live in a location where we can experience the benefits of all four seasons throughout the year. Seasons change, and each new season of...

3 Reasons Why Reflective Listening is Awesome

Listening sounds easy. But it’s not. Real listening takes effort and skill. Listening isn’t passing the time until the speaker runs out of things ...