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5 Things You Can Do to Simplify Your Tax Prep and Filing

With summer here and spring behind us, taxes are likely the last thing on your mind right now. But have you noticed how quickly tax season seems to cr...

A Simple Trick to Save You Money

For many people, the hardest part of saving money is making the decision to go without something they want right now. In a study by the Brookings Inst...

Does Your Investment Plan Rely on Luck?

Our experience and independent research both show that most investors do not follow a strategy. In other words, they do not have a disciplined, system...

How to Build Wealth

Making money is difficult. After a challenging year like 2015, it is important to go back to basics, evaluate your situation, and make sure you are on...

What’s Your Plan?

We use planning as a method to be successful and efficient in almost every aspect of our life. But do we plan for after our passing? Sorry to be the b...

Grow Your Money

You wouldn’t consult an electrician about heart surgery, a dentist to do your taxes, or a plumber for legal advice. Since the investment decisi...

Not Your Parents’ Mortgage

On a recent visit to my parents’ house—the same one I grew up in—I found myself thinking about the differences between how my generation and the...