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Burn Fat, Build Muscle!

Most of the people I help—whether through a fitness program, a nutrition program, or a combination of the two—have the same end goal. People want ...

5 Steps to Overcome Laziness

“How am I going to reach my weight-loss goals, if I don’t even floss my teeth?” I laughed when I heard one of my wise clients state this ou...

More2Life: The Kalani Sitake Foundation

 The whole purpose of our mortal life is to help encourage others and to serve We all know who BYU Head Coach Kalani Sitake is – the bruisin...

It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

Do you sometimes feel like there are so many things that interfere with your progress of getting into better shape? Well, you’re not alone! Sometime...

What’s your Reason

Have you ever really asked yourself why you work out? I mean, we all know the typical reasons why we should, but have you actually thought about your...

Skip the Diet!

Have you ever felt that we have basically two options — eat food we enjoy or follow a popular diet that will help us achieve good health. It re...

Creating a Fitness-Focused Home

It’s a well-known fact that obesity rates are on the rise in the United States. Statistics show that 36.5 percent of adults are obese and 20% of sc...

Stretching Techniques Enhance Your Workouts

When you’re short on time, stretching is usually the first part of your workout to go. However, do you know all of the benefits you are missing out ...

Lost in the Middle of the Pack?

Your alarm goes off a little earlier than usual on a Saturday morning. You grab your sweats and lace up your shoes. Are you ready? Maybe today will be...

Five Strategies to Inspire Children to Get (and Stay) Fit

Do you have a hard time keeping up with your children? Or, do your children have a hard time keeping up with you? With the increase in sedentary enter...