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A 15-Minute Heart Scan That Could Save Your Life

How close are you to having a heart attack? The truth is, the signs of pending heart trouble are usually extremely subtle and often hard to recognize....

The Good News

Anchor Mary Nickles Became the Story, as She Shared Her Cancer Journey with Viewers KUTV’s morning anchor and Emmy-award winning journalist, Mary Ni...

Massage Therapy – To Fend Off Winter Blues

The colorful lights and excitement of the festive season have faded, leading us into colder, darker winter months. With this shift in season and short...

Three Tips to Keeping Your 2017 Resolutions

“New year, new you.” This is what many companies and people are posting all throughout this time of year. It’s the time to make resolutions, get...

Identifying and Treating the Cause of Spine Pain

Spine pain is a widespread problem that affects between 60 and 100 million people in the United States each year. Such pain can involve the neck, midb...

3 Steps to Rejuvenate Your Energy

The most common complaint I hear in my office is, “Dr. Lundell, I’m tired! How can I improve my energy?” Here are three steps I go through with ...

4 Tips for Optimal Health

As an Ironman World Championship qualifier and board certified family physician, I’m often asked what one should do to ensure optimal health. Here a...

Diagnosing & Treating Concussions

Most doctors have been taught that rest is the most important thing for the brain after a concussion. Although this does help individuals to recover, ...

Improve Your Function, Improve Your Life

Low back pain is a condition that affects between 50% and 80% of the population every year. Apart from the significant suffering it causes, spinal pai...

How I Got My Head Back in the Game

It was December of 2010. I was sitting on a training table inside Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, making a phone call to my wife. She had given bir...