“Run Strong, Run Often”

Running in the summer is prime time to get out and enjoy the weather, train a little more, race for those shiny medals, and set new personal records. So, unless you live in a place where it’s summer year-round, it takes a little preparation and some safe practices to run in Utah during the summer.  

For me, by the time summer kicks in, I have put in some solid miles through spring and am well into my solid half marathon training. So, running about 20-25 miles a week is pretty normal. With busy lifestyles, later nights with friends and family, and taking in those wonderful Utah sunsets, it takes a bit of preparation and commitment. I start with nutrition and pre-hydration for some of those warm morning or evening runs. Staying well-hydrated in advance is very important and will make your runs more enjoyable.  

Proper gear is also important. I personally like to set out my running clothing, shoes and water gear the night before, so it makes it easier to get out the door. Wearing light gear that is meant for summer running is very important. You don’t want to wear cotton or materials that will just weigh you down from perspiration, and cause chaffing when wet. Bright colors are also important during the summer, for safety and visibility, so put on your best 80’s gear and colors. Don’t forget your sunscreen in the summer. Long hours in the sun gives you a nice glow and your coworkers will wonder if you go on weekend vacations to the coast, but you want to protect your skin from those rays.  

After my summer runs, I enjoy a nice cool shower and one of my wife’s amazing fruit smoothies. It’s very important to replenish your dehydrated body with something nutritious and packed with anti-oxidants. Having a berry & fruit smoothie with about 25 grams of protein is the perfect way to deliver the boost of energy your body needs to start its recovery.   

Remember to listen to your body when you are running, before and after. Summer is a great time to get out and enjoy some vitamin D, but you want to be smart and balance your running with good nutrition and rest. Dehydration, poor nutrition, and poor resting habits are a sure-fire way for injury from overtraining. I hope that this summer has been good to you whether you decide to stay indoors because of air quality or you decide to take to the streets and the beautiful Utah trails. Stay hydrated, wear the right gear, and practice good post-run nutrition and rest.  

“Run Strong, Run Often” 



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Written by Jorge Garcia

Jorge is a native of Northern California, raised by immigrant, hard working parents. He spends every spare minute either with his family or with others - constantly encouraging them to reach their untapped potential. He has an abundance mentality and truly believes everyone is ‘destined for greatness.’