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Sled Away in Utah Valley

Portrait of happy mature couple riding on sledge in winter

Winter brings hot chocolate, warm fires, and holiday cheer. However, it also brings plenty of fun outdoor activities like skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating and sledding. Sledding is a wonderful family activity—it’s usually cheap, easy to plan and everyone from adults to toddlers can do it.

Utah Valley happens to be a fantastic place to go sledding. Here’s a guide to planning the perfect sledding day in Utah Valley!

Where to get sleds

Several grocery stores, supermarkets, and outdoor retailers sell sleds and tubes. Sleds can run from as low as under $10 to over $100. Don’t want the commitment of buying a sled? You can easily rent equipment from rental places like Plan it Rentals. If you don’t have sleds and you don’t want to spend the cash to rent one, there are a few creative alternatives. For example, you can use a trash bag to slide on. You could also use plastic laundry baskets or yoga mats. You could also slide down the hill without anything, just make sure you wear good snow pants and you don’t mind a wet bum!

Where to sled

Utah Valley has several great sledding spots. First, Rock Canyon Park was made for sledding. This bowl-shaped park has plenty of sledding space for everyone. It’s popular with families, teenagers, and college students alike. The hill next to the Peteetneet Academy is a fast ride and also very popular on the weekends. Cherry Hill Elementary is a great location if you have small kids. The smaller hill makes it easy for kids (and parents) to carry sleds up the hill. Other great sledding parks are Spanish Oaks Elementary, Silver Lake Amphitheater, and Bicentennial Park.

So grab your family and friends and have a stellar day on the snow!

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Written by Sarah Toller

Sarah Toller is the marketing manager at the Utah Valley Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, the tourism organization for Utah County. A firm believer in enjoying where you live now, she spends her free time exploring the area looking for the hottest new restaurant or hidden attractions. Visit utahvalley.com to find great ideas for your next adventure or dinner!