Stop Acting Insane!

What is the definition of insanity? It is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. If what you’re doing right now isn’t working, it’s time to change things up! Some of the most common solutions people lean toward when trying to lose fat are diet and exercise. Perfect. That’s the first step in the right direction. However, people who are out of shape or overweight, from very low daily activity, overeating, or a combination of the two, typically use diet and exercise as a weight loss method instead of adapting them as a way of life. Temporarily adapting these methods will be unsuccessful in the long term. Frankly, this is an unhealthy relationship with exercise and nutrition. To test and see if you fall into this, let’s see if you can relate to any of these situations or mindsets: 

  • You exercise or change your diet because you are obsessed with the number on the scale 
  • You dread going to the gym 
  • You have an obsession about never having a cheat meal   
  • You don’t enjoy working out or being active  
  • You’re always crash dieting or doing unsustainable diets 
  • Exercise is not a priority 
  • Your exercise and nutrition routine drastically ebbs and flows constantly throughout life 

I’m sure there are more, but these seem to be most common. Behavior change is the hardest thing for ourselves, isn’t it? If you temporarily use diet and exercise to lose weight, then you’ll never really enjoy a healthy lifestyle and will always view it as punishment or torture. But the real torture is gradually becoming unhealthier as we age and becoming physically impaired. Let’s not let that happen to us. Think of exercise as your physical 401K or IRA. You need to invest the time and exercise now. 

So where do we go from here? Why does it seem so impossible to just be healthy? I truly believe that it can’t happen all at once. It is a process. Through this process, you should not have unrealistic expectations. It should not demand results driven by the wrong reasons. First, you must: 

  1. Light a fire. You must start thinking, “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!” You need that kind of passion because that is the only way to ignite the start of a change from stubborn behaviors.   
  2. Game Plan.  Decide what works best with your current situation. Make sure that it fits with your schedule, family, and any other responsibilities that you have. Make sure it is realistic, but challenging.  
  3. Execution. Now that you have a game plan, act on it! You don’t have to be perfectly executing the plan, just keep at it. If you feel this may be beyond your expertise or knowledge, get a coach, a personal trainer, or a workout partner. 
  4. Focus on habits, not numbers. This is the most important step besides having that fire! Your good habits will eventually get the numbers, so don’t focus on the numbers, the scale, etc. They are just a distraction when developing a healthy lifestyle. 

There are so many other little things that can help, but just focus on these four steps. The purpose is to change poor behaviors and develop a healthy lifestyle that you can appreciate and enjoy for years to come. Be patient and consistent. Good things come to those who wait! 



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Written by Travis Lott

Travis Lott is a certified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, certified nutritionist, and certified weight-loss specialist at Leantrition. He has trained many diverse individuals and groups over the years including people of all ages, weight classes, and medical histories. Many of his clients have seen very successful results that have changed their lives. Travis is passionate about the health industry and takes pride in helping others achieve a new, healthy way of living.