The Key to Good Health

The concept of eating clean, building muscle and having nice curves is the lucrative definition and image of health.  Even if we try to resist this by acknowledging that our health includes emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social wellbeing, society still does a good job of reminding us that the shape of our body and the food we eat are how you’re measured.   Muscles, a nice bod and healthy food doesn’t always correlate to longevity, health, wellness or happiness.  You can chase that image many different ways making good or bad choices along the way. Good choices for our health are not only good for our body and looks but also for our mind, emotions, spirit. Those choices have a social impact as well. Good lifestyle choices in one area of health can only help you in others. A person who is healthy emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually is one who will have a much better success rate with any diet or exercise program.  The best way to achieve your health goals is to raise your level in all the different areas of your life.   


Good health does not come only from the benefits of diet or exercise, fun, emotional highs, spending time with friends or fam.  All of those things that affect our health have equal importance. We should be balanced. The choices we make in one area should not affect another area in a negative way.  What does that mean? What good is a certain type of fun if it affects your emotions in a negative way? Can you justify a product that is harmful to your health even if it makes you look physically better?   


We tend to make a lot of health decisions that only are objective. This is a big reason why we don’t always find long-lasting success with our exercise programs or diets, or healthy new year’s resolutions. The only way to succeed with a diet or exercise program is by making it a part of your life. The happiest and healthiest people are not the ones who are the most fit or who have the most fun, or possessions. The key to good health is being healthy emotionally, mentally, physically, intellectually and socially. Everything is easier to accomplish when we have that balance. 

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Written by Charles Abouo

Charles Abouo is a professional basketball player in France and is a former BYU student-athlete. He is a certified personal trainer, and developed a passion for health and wellness while majoring in exercise and wellness at BYU. The 2012 BYU graduate played basketball at BYU from 2008-12. He currently plays for ASC Denain Voltaire in France. His hobbies include traveling, reading, writing, anything food, learning new cultures, and spending time with his friends and family.