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Why I Love to Travel

Why do I love to travel?  I have met people that have stayed close to home their entire lives and been perfectly happy. When I was younger I had a 22 year old friend that had never been to an ocean. I took him to California to see the ocean for the first time and it was as if his eyes were opened. He has since been all over the world. Once people are exposed to new places, new cultures, different languages and new experiences, traveling is almost addicting. I know I will never be satisfied. Even if I went everywhere, I would want to go back again.

I love to experience someplace new. I still can’t fly in a plane without sitting by the window and looking out nearly the entire time. From the air I have seen the glaciers of Greenland, the Amazon River in Brazil, the Alps in Europe and aqua blue waters surrounding the Caribbean islands. I can’t wait to go exploring or to get my snorkel and mask on to experience the incredible underwater world. Sometimes I get so excited about what I am seeing that I forget to take pictures. I have learned so much from traveling. I have learned about our former enemies in Russia, about incredible islands in the South Pacific, about spectacular glaciers in Alaska, about thousands of years of history in Greece, Italy and Turkey, about different foods…some I probably wouldn’t eat again and others my wife now fixes for me. Traveling for me is an education. I understand why people hate America, why they love America and why they wish they lived in America. I have learned that just because people have different ideas and ways of doing things that they aren’t wrong, only different.

I have learned how blessed we are to live in America. I have returned to the United States over 40 times and each time I feel privileged to come

Airplane in the sky and cloud at sunrise

home. I am so grateful for all that my ancestors and others did for me to make this life in the U.S. possible.

Traveling will open your eyes! A picture may be beautiful, but standing right in front of that place stimulates your senses and increases your perspective.  For me, I will never get tired of traveling. Yes, the long plane rides might be tedious and boring, but the reward of a lifetime of memories makes it all worth it! We have taken our sons when we can; it brings to life the places they read about in books. Now they can recall the memories and the way they felt when they were there. They understand different cultures, have tasted different foods and have listened to foreign languages. It was money and time well spent.

If you have the opportunity to travel—be adventurous! Explore places you have only seen in pictures. Meet people you don’t know, and learn about them. Enjoy your travels, and show me your pictures when you get back.

Reminder:  The largest travel expo in the state will be held Friday and Saturday Jan. 27 and 28 at the South Town Expo Center in Sandy. Travel companies from around the world will be there to provide information, brochures, seminars, and special pricing. 

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Written by Gary Sorensen CTC, DS

Gary Sorensen is a Vice President for Morris Murdock Travel and has traveled extensively around the world! You can contact him at gsorensen@morrismurdock.com.